Montag, 1. November 2010

Japanese National Sushi Day and #twitterfoodparty

Sushi Bento
#twitterfoodparty is an event on Twitter, where everyone who wants to participate cooks something fitting the theme. The first theme was tacos. Reading the posts was fun, but I don't really care about tacos, so I didn't participate.
The next theme was pasta. But it was on the day after my birthday, on which I wanted to make breakfast for my colleagues, so I didn't participate again.
Today was the next party. It's national sushi day in japan, so ... it's #TwitterSushiParty today.
I wanted to make sushi for some time now. But it takes some time and I usually get up too late, so I didn't make any. But switching back from summer time helped a lot with getting up early.
I forgot to buy salmon and cucumber, so my sushi is a little odd. It contains zucchini and carrot.
The rest of the big tier is filled with carrot. The other tier contains zucchini with black sesame, tamagoyaki (which looks a lot better than my last one), bean sprouts and bamboo shoots.

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