Samstag, 30. Oktober 2010

Bentos from thursday and friday

Usually I stay in bed until 6 am, but on thursday I managed to get up a little earlier. I didn't go to work earlier thoug, because I spent too much time on my bento. I sautéd squash, a little more squahs with soy sauce and parsley root and fried a potatoe dumpling. The zucchini and carrot were steamed as usual. The lettuce is homegrown. I seeded it early in august, so it didn't grow much. And this are the last leaves. It is already too cold and rainy.

On friday I wanted to eat mushrooms, but I found a little mould on some of them, so I had to throw them away :(
The bento contains gyoza. They contain glutamate, so I don't like them that much. But I wanted to try gyoza, so I bought them nonetheless. They taste better cold, so I'll use the rest in my nex bentos.
I also made tamagoyaki. The pan was too hot so the last layer didn't stick. I have to make them more often. The first ones I made looked a lot better ^^; These are filled with black and white sesame.
The rest of the box is filled with broccoli, carrots, squash and parsley root and decorated with a parsley root cloud and squash leaves.

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