Mittwoch, 24. November 2010


I wasn't in the mood to blog the last days. I went to the dentist after more than ten years and, well, after three visits in two weeks the four bad teeth are gone. I'm still feeling kinda down and sick, but it can only become better from now on. At least I was able to eat normal food the whole time.

Today I made fried rice with corn, prawns, king trumpet mushrooms and broocoli stem and decorated it with babybel two cheese stars. The other box contains parsley root, broccoli, carrot, bamboo shoots, red kuri squash and the rest of the cheese.

In the weather forecast they said, today would be sunny and snowy. I looked out of the window and thought, snow? Not here. Not a single bit of white out there. But you can't trust the weather forecast here anyway. Especially the area around my village doesn't seem to care about the weather around. If it's raining in town (5km from here), there sometimes are just clouds. If you can hear thunder all around, it sometimes doesn't even rain here.
This morning was a little bit like that. I drove to work, not thinking about the weather anymore. After 5km I reached the top of the 'blue mountain', a 125m high hill (yes, you call that mountain, if you live in the flat north of Germany ;) ) and *woosh* it was winter. Just a little bit on the trees, but so beautiful. I so wished I had the time to stop and take pictures. The snow was gone after I reached the nexr big village, but for around 20km I drove through a nice winter wonderland. It can stay like this. Free streets without ice and a nice scenery. That would be a perfect winter. But I know it is useless to hope for it

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