Montag, 29. November 2010

#twitterfoodparty #twitterpancakeparty


Last monday of the month, it's time for #twitterfoodparty. This month's theme is pancakes.
I love pancakes. I usually make them like my grandma used to. Just egg, milk, flour and sugar. Add sugar, nutella or cowberries/lingonberries, roll up and enjoy.
But for today, I wanted to make something different. I have a lot of squash left so I looked for a recipe for squash pancakes. I found an african one which was pretty easy to make. Although I wrote it down with the exact amounts, but in the morning I didn't bother and just added the ingredients intuitively. I cooked a big piece of squash, mushed it, added a bit of milk and an add and enough spelt flour to thicken the batter. The original recipe probably used normal flour, but I wanted to try it with spelt flour.
I made 2 pancakes for my bento, added a bit of sugar and made another 3 for breakfast. Both versions were really really good.
I filled the rest of the bento box with lettuce, brussel sprouts, parsley root, swede and carrot.
Lunch time was late today, because we our boss talked with a customer and our 'conference room' is the kitchen. Usually I become hungry around 11am, but today I didn't even feel hungry at 1:30pm. The magic of spelt, which has a lot of fibre :)

A picture of the first breakfast pancake. The light in my kitchen isn't good for photos, so it is a bit dark ^^;

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