Donnerstag, 25. November 2010


I cooked rice today and froze 4 batches. The last one went into my bento box. I mixed all types of rice I have at the moment (broken jasmine rice, normal jasmine rice, sushi rice and brown rice) and also added a bit of millet.
I decorated the rice with swede and beetroot. The other tier contains zucchini, swede, carrot and squash (Muskatkürbis/Muscade de Provence, I can't find an englisch translation).

The weather forecast said "snow" again. A look out of the window told me "not here". It started snowing as I went out of the house, but just a little bit. Just some snowflake floating around. Nothing that would last long. The snow became heavier as I drove out of the village. There really must be some magical weather barrier or something o.O

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