Donnerstag, 30. September 2010

Cauliflower mushroom bento

This is the bento with the longest preparing time I ever had.
I didn't have mushrooms for a while and I really wanted to put some into my bento. I first thought of buying champignons (Wikipedia gives a lot of names, but which do you really use in english?), but then I had a better idea. It's autumn, it has been rainy but not too cold for the last few weeks and after 4 days the rain had finally stopped. So there couldn't be a better time to go into the woods to look for those mushrooms you can't buy in stores. I should have taken my camera with me. There were so many beautiful mushrooms. But I only know 3 types of edible mushrooms, so I couldn't take many with me. I found a lot of cut mushrooms, so somebody has already been there before me. But I found some Bay Boletes.Ok, but I knew, there's a better one growing there. I went depper into the wood until I reached the way, where we usually stopped and returned and I did the same. I didn't think, I would find anything more and I was still a little bit sad, because I forgot my camera in the car. And then there was this tree and I just thought "you have to go around it and look from all sides". And there it was. A cauliflower mushroom (or fat hen, as we call it here). Not the biggest one I ever found, but not a small one even.I was happy and went back home.
At home, I cleaned the bay boletes and put them into the freezer. Then there was the cauliflower mushroom. Look at the pictures at wikipedia. And then imagine it full of fir needles, moos and little black dots which might be soil or maybe little bugs. It is really hard to clean and it took me 2 hours @.@ Here you can see 2/3 of it, mostly cleaned and the other 1/3 cleaned pieces.
P9290665 P9290662
In the morning, I fried it and added a little bit of soy sauce. I also added leftover potatoes from yesterdays dinner, a carrot, green beans, bean sprouts, peas and corn. Nothing special, but I just didn't want to spend more time ^^;

You can look for mushrooms the whole year, but we only do it in autumn, so this qualifies for this month's B.O.M.B.

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